Over 20 years of experience

«I want to use my research and experience to help others.»


How my journey began

When I was a young boy, I wanted everyone to feel good. In those days, my ability often felt like a great burden. I was often sad, and I felt alone and misunderstood.

I did not allow myself to use my ability to read people’s energy fields to understand what troubles them until I was 16 years old. This sparked my curiosity and became the foundation of the work I perform today.

New Solutions

A revolutionary approach

My ability and observations allow me to see why people feel unwell. This has revolutionized my ability to understand and help them. Thus, energy field mechanics were born.

If the energy field mechanics are functional, i.e. if the energy fields function normally, a person feels centered. Otherwise, symptoms such as anxiety, insecurities, inhibitions, burnout, high sensitivity or difficulty with setting boundaries can occur. Disordered energy field mechanics can also have a negative impact on the development of self-love, self-confidence, self-esteem, resilience and sense of basic trust.


«My work is incredibly rewarding because I specialize in supporting people in resolving the underlying causes of the disruptions in their energy field. Life is too short to feel anxious, unhappy, stressed or weak.»

– Rico Brunner –

Time flies!

And just like that, I completed 40,000 individual sessions

I have been successfully helping people to find their inner strength since 1998. I had to develop my own technique in order to achieve sustainable success without relying on the transfer of energy.

Over 40,000 individual sessions and countless remote treatments have taught me a lot about energy fields, emotional injuries and their interactions. This knowledge guided my research. I could not have understood energy field mechanics and its complexity without these experiences and insights.

My beginnings

«I still remember my first session in 1998. I was nervous and scared. I was worried if I could do this.»

Looking ahead

What motivates me

My goals are still the same, and I have stayed true to myself. My desire to support individuals in a sustainable manner is still my main focus.

My fundamental research and practical experience have had a strong influence on my work. Today, I focus on remote treatment because it is more efficient than an individual consultation.

I would like to share my knowledge in books, podcasts and lectures and continue my research on energy fields in the next few years.

Curious and a bit of a rebel

Love for my work

I was born in Chur, Switzerland in 1971. It is a beautiful city at the foot of the Calanda mountain. Today, I live and work in St. Gallen near the gorgeous Lake Constance. I am happily married and have a daughter.

I was a curious child with a thirst for knowledge. I was constantly pondering a multitude of questions and tried to understand why life is the way it is. Looking back, it is not surprising that my inquisitiveness eventually led me to conduct research.

I am a sociable person and enjoy spending time with others. I love life and am passionate about my work. This is probably why I like to work so much.

«You can change the world by helping others so that they can feel better. I am happy that others support my work. I rely on their knowledge and skills with aspects that are outside of my area of expertise.»

– Rico Brunner –