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Counteract exhaustion by staying calm

Rico Brunner explains that exhaustion impairs our normal functioning. Persistent stress consumes a lot of energy and can eventually lead to exhaustion.

He states: “Exhaustion creates chaos in the energy field, and this affects its energetic dynamics. There is no rhythm, no sequential order – everything is random. My work focuses on calming the energy field while promoting its resilience.”

Rico Brunner recommends that people who suffer from exhaustion need time. They have to work on gradually increasing their strength. He emphasizes that they should try to divide larger projects or challenges into smaller parts. Brunner states: “It is important to focus on one step at a time instead of trying to do it all at once.”

Rico Brunner, at what point are we exhausted?

A person is exhausted if they no longer know what to do or if they struggle to complete their usual tasks. People who suffer from exhaustion can no longer organize their thoughts and feelings, and they are simply unable to function the way they usually do.

What are the leading causes that contribute to feeling overwhelmed?

There are a few reasons. We may feel overwhelmed because we are overstimulated. We may also feel overwhelmed whenever we try to accomplish a task although we have not yet mastered the necessary skills. We may lack the ability to do certain things or we may put too much pressure on ourselves. External influences can create so much pressure that we begin to feel overwhelmed. I believe that these are the most common categories, but there are several other factors that can create stressful situations.

Exhaustion is often the result of feeling extremely overwhelmed.

Yes, feeling overwhelmed is incredibly stressful. It pulls the rug out from under our feet. We lose our support and balance, and we feel incredibly stressed. This feeling robs us of so much energy and strength. This can ultimately lead to exhaustion.

What do you see in the energy field? What signs indicate that the exhaustion is caused by feeling overwhelmed?

Exhaustion that is caused by feeling overwhelmed is clearly visible in the energy field. Do you remember the pinball machines from back in the day? Lights were blinking and the ball was bouncing all over the place. It is an incredibly chaotic situation. An overwhelmed energy field resembles this situation. One could say that it is as bright as a Christmas tree. The lights flicker here and there. Everything is chaotic. There is no rhythm, no orderly sequence and the actions seem random. It must be evident that the energy field lacks the strength to compensate for this chaos and is not able stabilize the situation.

How do you work on an energy field that lights up like a Christmas tree?

I work on two aspects simultaneously. I need to calm the feeling of being overwhelmed within the energy field. You can compare it to soothing and inflamed area. Suppressing the inflammation would be negative, but you can try to slowly calm things down. In addition, I need to increase the energy field’s resilience so that it can better cope with this overstimulation. It will learn to better compensate for and withstand distressing events.

What would you suggest a person who feels exhausted or overwhelmed should do?

A person who feels overwhelmed should withdraw from the distressing situation as soon as possible. This will allow their energy field to recover, and they will feel stronger again soon. Things are more problematic if the person has already reached a point where everything overwhelms them. Withdrawal is now impossible, and they will experience great distress. I would recommend that they distract themselves with mundane tasks in order to shift their focus from the overwhelming situation to simple everyday tasks. Such tasks can be as simple as peeling carrots or any other task that you do with your hands. You could knit or you may choose to play Solitaire. Repetitive tasks that are easy to learn within a short time can help us decrease this feeling of being overwhelmed. It does not matter as long as it is a repetitive task that allows you to reduce your stress level.

What should someone do if they notice that they are going through such a situation, but they still need to work even though they are feeling stuck?

This is a difficult situation, and there is no easy answer. They need to ask themselves if they are overwhelmed because they do not enjoy their work. In this case, they might need to look for a different job. If they are overwhelmed because they lack the skills or ability to perform the work, they will need to work in improving these skills. If they are unable to do so, they would benefit from looking for a new job. If a hostile work environment makes them feel overwhelmed, they could look into working at a different company. Of course, the solution is not always a new job. It is important to acknowledge that some things are beyond our control. It is possible to work on your own strength and hope that this will be enough to cope with these issues. However, we can determine which solution is the most responsible and sustainable. If someone is certain that they will not be able to find a new job, they will need to work on their resilience in order to reduce their stress level. If someone is overwhelmed by their circumstances, they need to take a step back and examine which aspects overwhelm them most. This will allow them to determine ways to adjust their behavior accordingly.

This can be quite difficult, especially if you are stuck in this pattern.

The problem is often exacerbated by the fact that our emotions influence how we view an overwhelming situation. They prevent us from clearly distinguishing the precise aspects that cause us to feel overwhelmed. I may believe that I am overwhelmed because of what has happened during the last half hour when, in fact, only the last five minutes have been stressful because something went wrong. I may have already been stressed out. If I take a close look at the situation and analyze each aspect rationally, I can determine what has caused me to feel overwhelmed. I will be able to identify which triggers caused me to feel this way. These triggers are often quite small or insignificant, but they can cause us to enter a downward spiral of feeling stressed and overwhelmed. If a person is able to closely examine what overwhelms them, there is a lot of potential to find ways to cope with these triggers. This leads to positive growth.

Is it beneficial to set emotions aside and to rationally focus on the problem at hand?

Exactly, and this approach often allows the emotional response to calm down. The emotional component to feeling overwhelmed is an alarm signal. It alerts us the fact that something is not right or that we do not have the strength to cope with a certain situation. Our rational mind registers an overwhelming situation differently than our emotional mind.

Let us return to your work: what is your main goal when you support a person who is exhausted and feels overwhelmed?

The primary goal is to increase their resilience so that they can better cope with stress. It is important that they do not put too much pressure on themselves. It is also necessary to increase their strength and stability so that they can learn to better cope with overwhelming situations. I have to point out that this process can take a long time if a person is extremely exhausted. It takes time to increase stability and to address the functional disorders that arise in the energy field in response to these situations.

We need to give ourselves enough time and should not expect miracles to happen overnight?

Correct. If you listen to the stories of people who suffer from exhaustion, you will notice that they have struggled for several years before they finally seek help. There are a few people who never had a problem with exhaustion. All of a sudden, they feel as though everything is overwhelming. However, such cases are extremely rare. Exhaustion usually develops over time. People often feel better relatively quickly once they learn how to cope with stress. Nonetheless, one cannot expect to completely recover overnight after several years of feeling exhausted. It simply does not work that way.

Finally, what is the most important thing you would suggest to someone who is trapped in such a situation?

They need to give themselves enough time to gradually become stronger. Divide large challenges into smaller steps instead of trying to tackle everything at once. This reminds me of the saying “How do you get from Zurich to Berlin?” My answer: one step at a time.

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