Customer Journey

How others experience their remote treatment

Sharing experiences

The remote treatment cannot be fully explained, but it can be experienced

I understand that the concept of remote treatment can be difficult to grasp or understand.

This is why I am grateful that some of my clients are happy to talk about their experiences with the remote treatment.

I am not trying to convince you of anything by publishing these client testimonials. I just want to help you understand the remote treatment better.

Dealing better with pressure

"I feel much more balanced."

John was looking for support while he was working on an important business project. He was overwhelmed, stressed and struggled to find the joy in his work. The intense pressure overwhelmed his energy fields, and they did not function properly anymore.

During the remote treatment, I focused on his resilience and his ability to set boundaries. My goal was to increase his inner resilience and strength. John successfully completed his project and learned different ways to cope with stress.

Find your way through a crisis

"I have become stronger and more stable." 

Karin experienced a personal crisis and was looking for solutions. The remote treatment helped her to become stronger, and she still turns to it for support during challenging and overwhelming situations.

She has learned to cope with conflict much better. I strengthened her resilience and inner stability during the remote treatment. I also focused on her self-esteem and self-confidence.

Wellness for the soul

"I can be more relaxed about life."

Doris has felt more relaxed and resilient at work since starting the remote treatment. Challenging situations no longer affect her as much, and she is able to cope with them much better. With regard to her private life, the remote treatments are like wellness for her soul and have had a positive impact on her life. She feels stronger and calmer than before.