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«Healing is growth!»

– Rico Brunner –

The methodology

If your energy fields function properly, you will have the strength to solve problems.

If injuries or obstructions prevent you from understanding and solving problems, the repair of the impaired energy fields will help you to tackle and possibly even overcome these challenges.

It is difficult to describe the taste of a strawberry to someone who has never eaten one before. Similarly, it is difficult to describe energy field mechanics, but its efficacy can be statistically analyzed. It often leads to an increase in inner strength.

A groundbreaking experience

Words did not help

Conversations were not enough
In the early years of my career, I supported a 45-year-old woman who had struggled to set boundaries in her private and professional life for several years. This caused a lot of stress and had a massive impact on her self-esteem.

I tried to explain the mechanism that led to her inability to set boundaries. She did not stand up for herself, was worried about pleasing others and was extremely afraid of rejection.

It was a great conversation. She understood what we had talked about and planned to implement the suggestions we had discussed. She returned to my office after three or four weeks, and the result of her efforts was sobering. She had understood everything, but she had not been able to make any changes. I gave her some additional tips and suggested some exercises that might strengthen her and help her to stand up for herself.

A new approach
Unfortunately, this did not work either. After three sessions had passed without yielding the desired improvement, I had to change my approach. I began to strengthen the energy field mechanisms that we had talked about in the previous sessions.

During the following session, she mentioned that she had noticed an improvement in her ability to set boundaries in an area we had not even discussed yet. This success could not have been the result of the previous conversations.

Her words touched me. She said: “Mr. Brunner, I just said ‘no’ without thinking or worrying about it. It felt just right and natural!”

From that point on, I knew that this technique will allow me to help other people.

More than just a flash in the pan

There need to be long-term results

It would be easy to just work on the symptoms so that people feel a change as soon as possible. However, this would only be a cosmetic and superficial repair. I think that such an approach is dishonest and has no place in a treatment plan.

I want to offer a sustainable approach so that people can overcome their injuries and regain their strength. You can only tackle life’s challenges if your energy field is strong.

«Some people notice the effects of the remote treatment immediately while it takes a little longer for others. Noticing the effects right away is not that important. What matters is that the underlying causes are addressed.»

Outside of your scope of perception

Why you may not always be consciously aware of the effects of the remote treatment

Most people are aware of the positive influence of the remote treatment, but some do not notice anything.

We can only be consciously aware of things that occur within the scope of our perceptive capabilities. You will not notice the effects of the treatment until the work being performed in areas beyond your consciousness has a positive effect on areas within the scope of your perception.

This can be compared to visual perception: we only notice changes if they occur within our field of vision.

It does not really matter whether you feel the remote treatment, or not. It is much more important to work on the correct area within the energy field – the area in which the underlying causes are located.

Challenges are forgotten

As soon as obstructions are overcome, you forget about them

I like to think back on a distinctive experience with a client. It was our final session, and she told me that she was feeling wonderful but that she wondered why the remote treatment and in-person sessions had to last over a year.

I explained where her initial problems were located, and that they no longer exist. She felt somewhat embarrassed because she could not remember these issues anymore.
I told her about an exciting process that everyone experiences: as soon as obstacles and problems are overcome, you tend to forget about them. This is a natural process that allows us to look forward.

«The remote treatment saves time and nerves.»

– Rico Brunner –

Healing takes time

The treatment time varies depending on where you are in your journey towards healing.

The healing process is complex, and I need to take my client’s current state into account.

Life does not stand still. You fight, you give up, and you try again. The intensity and timeline of the healing process depends on the current state of the emotional injuries and energy fields.

The treatment time can vary

Three phases of healing


The remote treatment timeline is highly individual and depends on two factors. It depends on how long the injuries or weaknesses within the energy fields have persisted and on the severity of these issues.

First phase
A person is typically at the beginning of the healing process whenever there is a new or untreated injury within the energy field. They might think that things progress rather slowly. Depending on the severity of the injury, it may take up to six years to heal completely.

Second phase
Several things have changed by the time a person enters the second phase of the healing process. Some obstructions have been resolved because the person has worked on themselves or has received support. If I start the remote treatment during this phase, the treatment time is much shorter – around two to three years.

Third phase
If a person has reached the third phase of healing, I usually only have to work on a few final things. The work can often be completed relatively quickly, and spontaneous healing events can occur. The client may feel as if I have accomplished in a month what they have been working on for over ten years.

Prophylactic support
People tend to seek support when something is not working anymore. As a result, a lot of energy is invested into repair instead of growth. Prophylactic support focuses on strengthening the energy field in order to prepare for tumultuous times or challenges.


«Very competent, honest, straightforward and down-to-earth. I can recommend his services to anyone who is trying to heal themselves and wants to increase their inner strength. I am very thankful to Rico Brunner. I was lucky to have discovered his work with energy field mechanics. Simply AMAZING!» Carmela Placa