Energy field mechanics

«This is a specialization that facilitates the identification of the causes of present issues and offers a solution-oriented process.»

I specialize in energy field mechanics

My experience has taught me that conversations are often not helpful. This insight inspired me to develop my technique of energy field mechanics. It is based on a thorough understanding of the energy fields and their interactions. It aims to support a client in reclaiming their own strength so that they will be able to overcome challenges.

As an energy field mechanic, I have a very sophisticated and keen perception. I am clairvoyant and have specialized in analyzing energy fields in order to determine why you are not feeling well and how I can support you.

I never considered this to be an extraordinary ability, and I have nurtured this aptitude since my early childhood. During my youth, conversations with friends made me realize that I have the unique ability to see and understand people and read between the lines. Therefore, I chose to pursue my calling and to make a profession out of my ability to help others when I was 27 years old.

An energy field is a dynamic, adaptive, etheric and self-sufficient system – a perpetuum mobile. Each energy field reacts to internal and external influences and expands naturally. Your energy field has its own unique and unmistakable signature, comparable to an individual’s fingerprint.

I am able to perceive energy fields from afar. Since each energy field is as unique as a person’s fingerprint, I am always able to identify it. As a self-taught expert and experienced practitioner, I have developed and refined this technique for the last 20 years. I am able to perceive and resolve disruptions within your energy field remotely.

Energy field mechanics activate the natural self-healing powers of your energy field without adding external energy to the system. This is crucial in maintaining the self-sufficiency of your energy field because the addition of external energy would not stimulate your own energy field’s growth. This would simply mask the deficiencies and would only make things worse in the long run. I will not send energy to you. Instead, I will activate and repair your energy field, and this will increase your own strength and independence. Rebuilding your energy field takes time, and a sustainable change in behavior is only possible when your energy fields are functioning correctly. For example, you might notice that it is getting easier to set boundaries or to express and fulfill your needs. The deeper the disturbances reside within your energy field, the longer it will take to achieve long-term improvement.

My goal lies in the resolution of functional disruptions within your energy field, so that your own strength will revitalize you and enable you to do the things you wish to accomplish. Energy field mechanics increase your self-awareness and your ability to set boundaries. This results in greater emotional stability, resilience and increased self-confidence. People who have strong and functional energy fields are able to cope with the challenges of life. My goal is to support you until you have regained your strength.

Energy field mechanics are used to address exhaustion, insecurities, anxiety, stress, high sensitivity, depression, emotional instability, burnout, psychological problems and emotional injuries. Energy field mechanics is also a helpful tool in preventative care and increasing resilience through the activation of your own strength.

«It is very important to me to work with great precision because people are precious! If you know which area you need to work on, the positive results are no coincidence.»

– Rico Brunner –

Your own energy

3 reasons why I do not send energy!

Every person has sufficient amounts of energy. If they feel that they are lacking energy, the underlying issues need to be resolved and emotional injuries need to be repaired. Your energy will return!

A person’s energy production is reduced if they receive external energy over a longer period of time.

People can only process their own energy optimally. No matter how good the external energy is, it can disrupt your energy field over time.

The energy fields can be exhausted

Why can the manipulation of energy fields cause stress?

My research in the field of energy field mechanics has clearly shown that manipulations can cause stress and pressure within the energy field. It does not matter if the manipulation was well-intended or not.

Strong energy fields function independently. If you manipulate them, you force the energy fields into a shape and function that does not correspond to their natural state. This disrupts their normal processes and can cause them to become obstructed, injured or stressed. This can result in the development of functional disorders which exhaust the energy fields and contribute to a variety of symptoms.

Therefore, it is important to remember: focus on addressing the causes and avoid manipulation.

It is neither luck nor coincidence

Knowing why someone does not feel well and what I need to work on

Energy field mechanics were developed so that the success of my work does not have to rely on luck or coincidence.

I wanted to know about what causes people’s problems, and I wanted to find out what I need to work on in order to help them. This has always been my passion. Today, I am able to precisely analyze the energy field so that I can repair areas that have been injured or are overwhelmed.

Healing is growth

A strong energy field!

If you have suffered an emotional injury, are traumatized or feel that you are simply lacking inner strength, your energy fields may have been injured by life circumstances, other people or even yourself.

The repair of the injury is the solution. It requires great skill to repair the energy fields in a manner that avoids a recurrence of this injury. After the repair, the energy field should be stronger than before and react in a healthier way.

Self-healing, a basic sense of trust, self-love, inner stability, strength and vitality are among the many processes that can be strengthened and promoted within the energy field.
This is what fascinates me about energy field mechanics!