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My goal is to guide people on their journey to discovering their own power and strength so they can unlock their full potential. I believe that there are endless opportunities for growth, and that they provide the foundation for life-long learning and development.
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I can read energy fields like a book

Your energy field: Balanced or imbalanced?
I can immediately read in your energy field why emotional injuries have arisen and what symptoms they have triggered. I know how to resolve the underlying causes.
I have an innate gift that allows me to see energy fields and their complex connections and dysfunctions. I can gain a precise understanding in a short time so. This allows me to determine the necessary steps for repair right away. My work has always been characterized by the utmost care and precision.
I have perceived energy fields since I was a child, and this skill is as natural to me as an innate talent for art. I have more than 25 years of practical experience, and I have continuously worked on and refined my skills to support and help people in a sustainable way.

What customers say

This may sound surprising, but about 48% of remote treatments are ordered without the customer providing any further information. I don't need you to provide me with information because I can read the necessary data in your energy field. This is comparable to reading a book.
Most remote treatments are long-term. Around 3% of remote treatments last for a just single month.
I have provided over 40,000 sessions and remote treatments over the past 25 years. I have not only helped people to overcome problems such as burnout or stress, but, most importantly, I have helped them to rediscover a sense of purpose in their lives.
The requested money back guarantees are not quite zero, they are around 0.5%.
As far as I can recall, I was with you during the Autumn for the first time in the fall of 2016. I am very glad that I was able to receive your help, in the form of remote support, for so long. This was very important and good for me. I now live without medication, I am balanced and calmer. Thank you very much for your support.

Elisabeth W.

It’s interesting, there are always moments when I think, I never thought of it that way before and then relate it to you. Whether it’s like that? Anyway, I look back at the whole period since you’ve been treating me remotely. A lot has happened, for the good. Many thanks for that!

Marc Teacher

Zurich Switzerland

I would like to thank you for your important support. I feel very understood by you and you have helped me to get to know myself better and especially to gain security and self-confidence.

Matthias W.

Since I signed us all up for remote treatment with you, I think we are doing better. As I said, I listen to your podcasts almost daily and find you simply unique in this world. Thank you so much for everything.


Ingolstadt Germany

Thank you very much. I feel very well understood, and therefore in the right place with you Rico, and I am very happy about the support. From Rico's work, as I can perceive it, I sense a dedication, experience and a gift that are extremely valuable. That is why I am grateful to have become aware of it.

Marion Frey

Engraver and body therapist/masseur Kölliken


Your support was very helpful for me. I was amazed that I was able to experience everything so calmly. It was a wonderful experience for me. The dentists were also amazed at how quickly and well everything healed. I will gladly ask for your support again when it comes to implant placement.

Monique Blaser

While listening to the podcast of Rico Brunner I experienced the arising of a positive mood. I am a kindly, down-to-earth realist. And although I was nervous about what was coming, I consciously tried to start the first week of my remote treatment from a neutral position. The first days I experienced nothing and hadn't expected anything. On Tuesday I had astonishing positive thoughts. Soon after getting up it was clear that this would be a great day. In the course of the morning my spirits lifted in such a way that I had to force myself to bring me back down to earth. It maybe that Rico Brunner worked within my energy field during this time, I don't know. I am now able to remember my dreams again and I am not so exhausted when I get up in the morning as I was. My metabolic processes are increasing. What pleases me the most is, that I found an inner peace. The feeling of being rushed has decreased. This gives me moments of deep breathing. I was wondering if this was really Rico Brunners work or only my hope for support, what brought this positive push. I cannot say, but I embrace it like it is and enjoy a pleasant start into my weekend.

Steffi Lange

50 years

Dental technician from

Itteldorf Germany

My experiences with your work have been very positive. I have become aware of many of the ancient hurts and bad experiences from my childhood and although I can recall them, they no longer hurt. They are still part of my memories, but have been pushed into the background.


I was very amazed and very touched by how much you hit the point without me telling you anything. Right now, I am in a very difficult and challenging time; and as you have correctly seen, I am burdened and shaped by some things out of my past which I am trying to work through, understand, learn, and finish off with. I work very hard on myself and reflect myself. And I try to learn as much as possible and try to develop myself further. This month I really could feel a change! Personally, I feel different, and I have the feeling that a few knots have loosened or that are busy loosening. I have noticed that it is doing very well for me and that I perceive changes in a very practical way. Very much I would like to continue with the remote support.

Eliane D.

After a challenging week at work I felt exhausted and also had a feeling of sorrow.I was very glad to be able to contact Rico Brunner straight away via the Rico Brunner app.At the end of the same day I could already feel more strength and the grief was obviously fading, and this with a lasting effect, so that in the following week I was able to confront the challenges from an empowered position.



Today I would like to thank you for your effective remote support. In April I had a few terrible days of being down. Since this Monday I have noticed a clear improvement. I am not so sad anymore, but in a real good mood. I can clearly feel the touch of lightness, that I am so lacking. Having decided to book a remote escort was the best I ever could do.



Thank you very much for helping me. I have had instances the last few months where I have felt lighter and happier. I don't know how you can help someone remotely, but it is pretty neat that you can. I really appreciate what you have done to help me.


Columbia United States

For a few weeks now, you have been supporting me with a remote treatment subscription in relation to the fact that I am very sensitive in my relationship. I have felt your support practically from the first hour and my feelings have changed, which is good for our relationship.



The surgery went well. I feel very good and I could already start with the first exercises for mobilisation. Thank you for your great support.


I have passed my exams, my relief is huge. Thank you very much for your valuable support. Although I am very relieved about the achieved result, I still feel quite exhausted.


Complementary therapist HF

Thank you so much for supporting my daughter in her studies and my husband in his last professional phase. I am more than satisfied and grateful for the professional and personal stabilization and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the subtle support and help.



Very competent, honest, straightforward and down-to-earth. I can recommend his services to anyone who is trying to heal themselves and wants to increase their inner strength. I am very thankful to Rico Brunner. I was lucky to have discovered his work with energy field mechanics. Simply AMAZING!

Carmela Placa

Thank you very much for your energy field analysis. I am absolutely satisfied with your work. It strengthens me in my everyday life and generally supports me in life. Your analysis is very precise and accurate and it is incredible for me how you can feel it. I am looking forward to realizing my potential even more and also to dare more to go uncomfortable ways sometimes. In any case, I already feel much more power and energy and go through life with more ease.

David Keller Commercial employee


Thank you very much for what you are doing. I have more physical strength and self-confidence. Also I am far more joyful in my life. At the moment I enjoy life, take many things more calmly, have goals - such as moving and I want to return back to work. It is as if my consciousness is changing. Positive!


Hello Mr. Brunner, thank you for your support and your positive energy that carried me. It felt very benevolent and protecting to me. From now on I take back the responsibilty. Thanks for all.

Manuela Kajetanczyk

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the remote support. Many wonderful things have happened in the last few days. Difficult situations seem to have been resolved.

Peggy B.


Thank you very much for the remote support for 30 days. I have been suffering from severe panic disorder, agoraphobia and depression since the beginning of the year and have actually felt an improvement for a while. It felt like I was able to feel better again.


I would like to thank you very much for your valuable work. It was very noticeable for me and I felt much better. My everyday life was easier to cope with. Thank you very much for your support! We will be happy to come back to you again if required.


My son seems to be more open now. He does not withdraw himself as much and he appears towards me not thus tense anymore. Tomorrow, for the first ever, he even wants to meet up with a boy in the same age as he is! He hasn’t done something like that in years. This is a huge step forward for him. Overall, everything has improved noticeably and to the best.N. Richter

N. Richter

So much has changed in my life lately. I was on sick leave for 4 weeks in September due to burnout. I was so really at the end. However, since you have been working on my energy field, I feel better every day ☺️I can work again, I sleep better, I have an appetite! My family is also totally thrilled! My mother said to me today, 'Thank goodness you found yourself again! Thank you so much and will be happy to recommend you!'

Nikola Benedict

I am happy to share with you that I feel better and stronger. I also have the feeling that I can differentiate myself better. I am really very grateful for the remote support of Mr. Brunner. I feel well supported and will gladly continue to use his help. Thank you very much and best regards,


In the morning I was on the one hand so sad about the situation, angry and completely through the wind. Mr. Brunner started the remote treatment at noon and I was already feeling better in the afternoon, slept wonderfully and today I could embrace the whole world. I am feeling absolutely fantastic. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU! It is wonderful that you all exist!

Bernadette Kluser

I feel your inital analysis of my energy field as tellingly at all points. Yesterday I had the opportunity to feel your work in a very comfortable way. I am very glad that you are there and that I found you and also, that you started so quickly.



I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your remote treatment and your service for humanity. I feel much lighter and clearer in my whole being. I’m finding back to my true inner light and the power to radiate it into the world more and more. Negative and low vibrating patterns of thoughts and feelings are changing…Physical pain is being released. A big thank you.


When I received your initial analysis and let it go through my head for a few days, everything became a lot easier. I roughly know with what I am dealing with. Alone this fact makes it much easier for me to deal with. I also would like to inform you that I already can feel the efforts of your work. A few days ago, whilst I was dozing in the bed, I was physically aware of your remote support. In me I felt the change. I felt that I myself and the way of my thinking started to change. It was feeling as if things are moving forward and that things are developing more and more to something very beautiful. Not for one second do I regret that I confined in you.

Markus Eichelsdörfer

I just wanted to tell you, that I am overwhelmed about all that happenend to me within the last 10 days. I’d like to ask you to continue, for years I have been so desperate.

Trisha Berline


I had surgery yesterday and felt relaxed, calm and free of fears in the night before, meanwhile and afterwards. This has never happened before. Now I am still tired from the surgery and the anaesthetics.

Michaela Walther


I was very happy about the remote treatment subscription. It strengthened me and helped me move forward. Maybe I'll take advantage of this great opportunity again. For now, however, it's a good thing.


Thank you very much. I found that very helpful. I also realize that something is working for me. It's a great experience.


Commercial employee

Neu Isenburg Germany

I would like to contact you to let you know that the operation went very well and that I have already been discharged from hospital. I am doing quite well and now just need the time to recover. I would like to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful care I received from Mr. Brunner. It helped me a lot to keep my anxiety level low.

Myriam Richle

I perceive the remote treatment and especially the Symptom Focus as very positive and I am extremely satisfied with your offer!

Sabine Bühlmann

Wadersloh Germany

Thank you for the quick response. I can already feel that I'm feeling a little better.

B. Jacobsen

Dipl. Oec. troph.

So much lots have been changing, things I am noticing is my lack of tolerance towards selfishness off alot that I had excepted that I no longer will. Yes my confidence is getting stronger. Things I would of done I no longer will and this has bought about priority sorting. And less fear of achievement.

P. Carrier

Please be so kind to inform Mr. Brunner that I feel worlds better with his remote treatment.

Claudia Druda


I booked the remote support service in September 2022. After the first 3 weeks, I felt a marked change in myself. Since October, I feel lighter, more relaxed and have a new charisma and new self-confidence, which has had a positive effect in my environment. It is difficult to put this into words. The treatment has given me a new perspective on the world around me and how to react to it. I am happy and grateful to have booked this support and will continue to keep it active as it has noticeably changed my attitude in everyday life and significantly improved my quality of life. Old 'patterns' can be changed by the new attitude or are completely gone, patterns that have long prevented me from developing my full potential. Thank you for these life-enriching experiences, which I have been able to work on myself enormously since October and get to know and reinvent myself, to be able to shape life according to my ideas.



From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your 30-day free remote treatment. It came exactly at the right time. There was some inner and outer turbulence with me and I felt very strongly that I nevertheless went through these processes lighter, more relaxed and with a deep trust. Every now and then I had you as a reminder in my mind with the hint that I was accompanied. This made me breathe again and showed me that I am not alone.

Ursula Thomas

Spiritual Coaching & Energetics

I just want to give my feedback to you once again. My fears have surprisingly largely vanished. Every now and then I get a panic attack; but lately very seldom. So far, I feel good. For a while I have been feeling a pressure in the solar plexus, which sometimes even takes my breath away. I often had these issues before; but the pressure kept on going away. Although I constantly check on my diet, it’s an old topic in my life. As I mentioned: It keeps on coming back. Otherwise a lot has happened! I am very grateful for your utmost great support and guidance.

Eva from Dornbirn


I already feel the calming of my nervous system, I am emotionally more relaxed and my sleep is better. Also setting boundaries is a bit easier now. I am able to change into a position of observing and don't have to react to everything immediately.

Margrit Bärlocher

I would like to thank you for your great support from a distance. I would never have overcome 2020 with Corona in such a good way without you.

Karin Büchler


In the last few years I have grown a lot and see plenty of progress. It's nice to know that you can always be counted on.

Ramona Mettler

FULL HIT! Yes, Mr. Brunner has recognized and perceived everything that and what I have experienced and am experiencing.

Manuela Lenz

Thank you for this opportunity of remote guidance. My attitude towards life has changed for the better. I feel stronger, can sleep better and am generally in a more positive mood. I was even able to reconnect with older values that had been blurred by 'Corona'. I have the impression that I have found my way again, which I had temporarily lost sight of, thank you very much for that.

Marion Beuck

60 years old

Office Communication Specialist

Bremen Germany

I'll be on it for a year in December 2022 and it's already helping me a lot. Yes, I paid for it, but it's worth it because I feel better, I feel calmer and more stable.

Bettina Becker

I am engaged in plant medicine. A friend of mine recommended Rico Brunner to me. Through the remote treatment I feel more self-centered.

Anne von Hoff


I would like to thank Rico Brunner from the bottom of my heart for his help with the remote treatment, which has enriched my life enormously and, as they say, has always put me back on track. I am looking forward to my future path and know that I can turn to Mr. Brunner again at any time. At the moment I'm doing quite well and I can handle difficult situations, sadness or depressive moods very well. I also feel more alive again and am pursuing my interests more and more without a guilty conscience towards my family or friends; I no longer have to please everyone. At almost 66 years old, that should be a good thing.

Brunhilde Meyer

I am very pleased that you are offering your service for the people at a fair price. So it is possible for almost everyone to experience strength and self-regulation personally.

Christiane Weber


Thank you very much for the very accurate and appropriate energy field analysis, it touched me very much. I look forward to your further work with me, Mr. Brunner. I think I can already perceive clear changes. I work energetically myself from time to time and I can clearly feel that something is being built up and strengthened in my energy field. I often feel that it is easier for me to let go of external influences, foreign influences and constrictions, or to face them with more calm. Many things no longer 'go so deep and take away my own strength'. Overall, I feel calmer inside and around me, less fog, more inner and outer presence. This weekend in particular, I noticed that emotional wounds in particular were worked through again and something in the energy field healed. I am delighted with this great development!

S. S. Social worker

For a week now, I have felt complete. I have never experienced anything so beautiful! Not in my whole life so far. I am really at a loss for words...


Social Security employee

Your advice on making a new start instead of letting life fade out, affected and moved me.Today everything is flowing more easily already, creativity is just finding its way and I feel stronger. To stick with images: The feeling of quicksand is less threatening and resistance could gently be released.



The power of a
Explore the possibilities of a balanced energy field!
Discover how addressing issues within your own energy field can improve your overall well-being and vitality.
Solving problems

...without saying a word

Do you want to learn more about remote treatment?
The following example outlines the process in an individual with weakened energies who is doing well in general. The process can take longer for people suffering from deep emotional wounds, and it can be much quicker in individuals who are doing very well.

The focus is on the most acute stressors within the energy field. The goal is to eliminate overwhelm and stress as quickly as possible while increasing stability and repairing the first emotional wounds.


Stability continues to increase. This promotes various processes, including the repair of complex mental injuries.


Resilience continues to increase, and there are fewer fluctuations. The energy field can react more quickly and can rebalance itself more efficiently. It is increasingly able to repair new injuries on its own.


Stability has increased and forms the basis for resilience and strong nerves. This makes it easier to solve difficult challenges with ease. You are working towards becoming unshakable.


The balance we have established has become a habit. You can identify problems early and reactive proactively. You can cope better with excessive demands, and this increases a sense of ease in all areas of your life. Your quality of life increases significantly.


The energy field continues to evolve steadily, leading to a deeper connection with yourself. More and more aspects of life bring you joy and allow you to unlock your own potential. You can maintain your strength in challenging situations. While life's challenges may persist, your power to overcome them has increased significantly.


Long-term development

The energy field is becoming more resilient. People who come here want to have strong energies and stay balanced, no matter what happens. Getting used to being more confident creates the space we need to move forward, to be more creative and innovative since you no longer have to deal with unimportant things that overwhelm you.

Discover your own strength
Life often confronts us with problems that reveal themselves as symptoms. We notice where it hurts, where we feel overwhelmed, and where anxieties pop up. However, the real cause is often hidden much deeper. That is why it can be tricky to solve these problems on our own. We only tend to focus on and try to ease the obvious discomforts.
My goal is to address the root causes and not just the symptoms. I use energy field mechanics to resolve the underlying issues that responsible for weakening your energy field.
Transferring energy? A no-go for me!
Every one of us has enough energy
In 25 years, I have assisted more than 8,000 people worldwide with remote treatments and conducted 40,000 in-person sessions in my practice.
I have developed a deep understanding of the interaction between energy fields and symptoms. I do not use external energy in my remote treatments. External energy is misinterpreted in the energy field and impairs self-healing.
I offer you a 30 day money back guarantee and a affordable pricing
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My goal is to help you rediscover your innate power and strength. Change requires strength, and this strength comes from functioning energy fields.
You don`t have to live with emotional injuries and blockages. Remote treatment can help.
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