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I am looking for a personal assistant or individuals with expertise in the areas of programming, copywriting, graphic design and social media.

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My vision

I would like to support people with emotional injuries all over the world. I want to help them to reclaim their own strength.

My mission

I have the genuine and honest desire to resolve emotional injuries within myself and others because emotional wounds can prevent us from living a self-determined and authentic life.

I am a self-taught expert who understands the mechanisms that provide the groundwork for emotional functionality. I want to continue my research in order to maximize the efficacy of my technique, energy field mechanics. It involves the remote work on energy fields without the transfer of energy.

I want to share my knowledge about emotional functionality with people all over the world. I hope to offer new perspectives in the blog posts on my homepage. They answer a variety of questions and include audio and video podcasts. I also share my knowledge in affordable individual consultations, workshops, lectures and my book. New online courses, books and book series will also be available soon.

I want to support people all over the world and help them to restore their emotional functionality. By making objective observations of their emotional injuries and understanding the underlying mechanisms, their self-healing abilities are activated. This results in the resolution of underlying causes of emotional injuries and leads to an increase of emotional functionality. The technique of energy field mechanics allows me to support my clients from afar as I help them to rediscover their center and inner strength.

My approach

My work focuses on the causative resolution of emotional injuries by applying energy field mechanics. I support emotionally wounded people from afar without relying on a transfer of energy. This encourages them to reclaim their own inner strength and restore their emotional functionality. My support leads to sustainable improvement and allows my clients to live life in a way that feels authentic to them.

The members of my team are innovative, personally interested in my work and eager to grow. The core team consists of three to four personal colleagues as well as an expanding team of specialized international freelancers. My team thinks about and questions my work and actively contributes to the growth and development of the business. I value a cooperative leadership style.

My team and I only introduce processes that can be digitized or automated. We always strive to provide the highest quality of service. Our growth depends on our own financial resources instead of external investors.

My team and I are down-to-earth and transparent, which is unusual in the intangible area of energy field therapy. We value honest and direct communication within and outside of our professional lives.

The knowledge I disseminate is based on many years of research and practical experience. These valuable insights are easily applied to everyday life.

I am already well known in Eastern Switzerland, and I now want to reach people in other German-speaking or English-speaking areas so that I may help them to reclaim their emotional functionality.