No one should have to live with emotional injuries.

Prepare to be surprised!

I am offering you a 90-day remote treatment as a gift

Symptoms, situations and emotions can block you from living authentically. I work on the causes that give rise to your distressing symptoms. Since the root causes must be solved before the symptoms disappear, an improvement may not always be noticed immediately.

The effect of remote treatment often surprises people because they tend to look for solutions in the wrong place. When your power is no longer blocked by emotional injuries, you can find your own way naturally.

Words cannot fully describe the benefits of the remote treatment. That’s why I decided to offer you a gift of 90 days of remote treatment. Give it a try!



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Find your way through a crisis

"I feel stronger and more stable"

Karin experienced a personal crisis and was looking for solutions. The remote treatment helped her to become stronger, and she still turns to it for support during challenging and overwhelming situations.

She has learned to cope with conflict much better. I strengthened her resilience and inner stability during the remote treatment. I also focused on her self-esteem and self-confidence.

Stronger Energies

An intact energy field can heal emotional injuries on its own.

If a person’s own energies are strong enough, distressing experiences that result in emotional injuries can be processed more quickly. They will not cause permanent emotional injuries.

However, if the energy fields are not strong enough or if they are overwhelmed by a traumatic experience, emotional injuries can occur. These injuries can be an obstacle in your life for a long time, and they may even persist forever.
Emotional injuries can trigger a variety of symptoms: burnout, anxiety, depression, trauma, impeded energy flow, high sensitivity, chronic stress...

Once the emotional injuries have been resolved, you will stop spinning in circles and will gain more time to enjoy life. 

Life should be lived, and you should not spend too much of your precious time on your treatment.


Starting a remote treatment is easy!

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Try the remote treatment gift for 90 days

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Return to your own strength

I will perform the remote treatment for 90 days. I will work on resolving emotional injuries with a lasting effect. There will be no personal counseling during the remote treatment. I will read the necessary information in the energy field during your remote treatment.

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What's next?

I have supported you for 90 days. Maybe you have already noticed a change? If you want to continue work on your energy field, you can simply order a remote treatment, from USD 69.00 per month.

What troubles you?

Working on the causes of emotional injuries

When we are stuck or our energy field is blocked, we experience various symptoms. These symptoms are just a sign of our pain, but the root causes often lie elsewhere. That is why most people struggle to permanently rid themselves of these distressing symptoms.

Learning to cope with these symptoms is good, but it is not a long-term solution. For a sustainable change, the underlying causes of the emotional injury must be addressed and resolved.

Where are you at in life, and where do you want to be?

Distance energy work cannot be easily explained. The best way is to experience the effect of a remote treatment yourself. This is why I have decided to offer the gift for a 90-day remote treatment to anyone that is interested.

My goal is to fundamentally work on emotional injuries and to help you step into your own strength. Once the causes are solved, you begin to experience the changes.

Let me support you! Life is too short to be unhappy.


What others say about the remote treatment

Over 90 % of our problems are an outcome of emotional injuries

As an energy field mechanic, I recognize the root causes of such symptoms and support you from afar. The goal is to repair your emotional injuries, so that you can find your own strength again without sending energy to you.

Your own energy is very precious, and it is essential for growing your emotional stability and strength.

External energy would disrupt this process because it dramatically slows down your intrinsic energy production. Therefore, my technique does not rely on a transfer of energy.

I have over 24 years of experience in providing remote treatment, and I have specialized on repairing emotional injuries and unbalanced energy fields.

Live life with ease

Inner stability and emotional strength are the foundation of happiness

Inner stability allows you to live life with ease. You will be resilient and able to remain positive in difficult situations.Without inner stability, life can be difficult. You feel lost.

I do not work on making people happy. I ensure that the energy fields function optimally. In turn, my client will feel happier and more fulfilled.

I believe that a strong energy field is a prerequisite for happiness. A positive attitude is not enough. You also need the emotional strength to live in accordance with a positive mindset.

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Dealing better with pressure

"I am much more balanced."

John was looking for support while he was working on an important business project. He was overwhelmed, stressed and struggled to find the joy in his work. The intense pressure overwhelmed his energy fields, and they did not function properly anymore.

During the remote treatment, I focused on his resilience and his ability to set boundaries. My goal was to increase his inner resilience and strength. John successfully completed his project and learned different ways to cope with stress.

Frequently asked questions

The good thing about remote treatment is that you don't have to do anything yourself for it to work. I do the work and recognize the energy fields and their mechanics as well as the mental injuries from a distance. I work with the goal of resolving injuries and strengthening the energy field.

It is not a classic collaboration since the work is performed be me. The goal is to support you in your life. The collaboration consists of me working on your emotional injuries so that you can develop your potential. It is up to you how you will use the increase in stability, strength and power to unfold your full potential.
The goal is to live a life without emotional injuries.

The process I use during my remote treatment has been created and refined over several years. Its quality is exceptional, and the effects of the remote treatment are designed to target your individual needs. This is very important.

My daily steps to achieve sustainable success:

  1. Analysis of the current state of the injuries
  2. Theoretical simulation of the effect of the remote treatment
  3. Practical execution based on the findings of the theoretical simulation
  4. Control the effect of the remote treatment

Although I adhere to these analytical procedures, the remote treatment is always customized to meet your individual needs.

No conversations will take place during the remote treatment. I believe that conversations belong to the rational area of our lives. They may be beneficial if you want to change your behaviors by altering your thought patterns.

I have noticed that this is a very difficult path which requires a lot of effort and takes a lot of your strength.

Over the last 20 years, I have observed that people who try to resolve their problems this way often become even more exhausted and weakened. If someone is weakened by her/his situation or condition, and one continues to dwell on this condition, it can trigger a feeling of intense overwhelm. This only perpetuates an overall sense of fatigue.

Conversations during remote treatment would only provide explanations that are not needed to improve the condition.

Remote treatment was developed because experience has taught me that talking about emotional injuries does not change anything. One only learns to bear the situation a little better. My goal is to release the emotional injuries.

The remote treatment subscription costs USD 69.00 per month. 
You can cancel the subscription on a monthly basis.

From my point of view, you do not have to pay attention to anything particular during a remote treatment. When I am working in your energy field, I work in an area that your consciousness cannot access. Emotional injuries and overburdening are mostly hidden deep within, and it is difficult to access them yourself.

This is also how my technique of energy field mechanics was developed were developed. After countless therapy sessions, I realized that most people cannot gain access to their own emotional injuries. Therefore, one focuses on the symptoms and on the pain without finding the root causes. In addition, various of these causes appear rather harmless when judged from the outside, and people may be tempted to look for traumatic experiences instead. However, emotional injuries are not always caused by a specific event.

That is an exciting question. The goal of the remote treatment is to work on emotional injuries so that the energy field becomes stronger and you can come back into your own power.

It is not the goal  to work in a way for you to feel something. Of course, one could offer remote treatment in such a way that you feel as much as possible – focusing on eliminating symptoms.

From my point of view, the use of the remote treatment is to do the right thing at the right place.  Only when this work is done and the causes are solved, one feels a change. In addition, not everyone perceives the same or feels the same.

Remote treatment can easily be done in addition to other existing or planned treatment methods, but it does not replace medical treatment.

When I analyze the energy fields, I see the effects of other forms of therapy and then work accordingly so that these two forms do not get in each other's way, do not cross each other.

As a rule, work is done on other levels, in other areas. So it doesn't really matter, even if you have one or two therapies at the same time. On the contrary, from my point of view, these levels can complement each other positively.

I give you a 90-day remote treatment as a gift

I cannot explain the remote treatment conclusively. The best is to experience the effect of the remote treatment yourself. This is why I have decided to offer a gift of a 90-day remote treatment to people that are interested.

There is no personal counseling during the remote treatment. The communication happens through the remote treatment, by reading all the necessary information from the energy field.

My goal is to work on emotional injuries causally and to help you get back into your own strength. Let me support you! Life is too short to be unhappy! Please fill out the form below to activate your gift. These are the details I need to start your free 90 day remote treatment gift: