Fair prices

Fair prices I want to help people achieve long-term improvement!

«I love to work in a well-organized way and focus on the essentials. This allows me to offer affordable prices.»

– Rico Brunner –

Strengthen your resilience

Energy field treatment

Individual conversation

Pricing for individual sessions
30 minutes: CHF 70.00 / EURO 65.00
60 minutes: CHF 140.00 / EURO 130.00

Sessions can only be held in St. Gallen (Switzerland), in German or with a self-organized interpreter.

Due to high demand, we cannot schedule appointments on short notice. The waiting period for a session can range from one to one and a half years.

We keep a waitlist for these appointments.
Please use the contact form to request an appointment.

    The remote treatment

    Pricing for the remote treatment subscription
    GBP 59.00 / month
    USD 69.00 / month
    EUR 70.00 / month

    The remote treatment can promote your inner strength, self-healing processes, self-love, inner stability and joy. I will repair your injured energy fields without transferring external energy to you.

    The benefit of the remote treatment is that you can order it at any time.

    • Can be ordered at any time
    • Cancellable on a monthly basis