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Remote treatment with Rico Brunner

Take a look at your life right now - where do you want to go?

If your energy is strong enough, experiences are processed quickly and no lasting emotional injuries will develop.

If your energy fields are weakened or overwhelmed due to a specific experience, you will sustain an emotional injury. Such wounds can disrupt our lives for a long time and may remain with us forever. The energy field cannot recover.

This can trigger many different symptoms, such as burnout, anxiety, insecurities, depression, difficulties with concentration, exhaustion, trauma, blockades, stress, psychological problems and many more.

This is why we need strong and functional energy fields!

How remote treatment can help you

Do you sometimes feel like something is wrong, and does this affect your behavior? Are you currently confronted with a challenging situation?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, insecure, anxious, stressed, highly sensitive, depressed, emotionally unstable or are you suffering from burnout or psychological problems? Would you like to be more resilient?

Problems should appear small compared to our own strength. Problems seem insurmountable if we lack the strength to act differently. You start running in circles and cannot seem to find a solution.

The goal of my work lies in addressing emotional injuries so that your own strength will revitalize you and enable you to achieve what you want to accomplish. People with strong and functional energy fields are able to cope with life’s challenges.

What Karin says about remote treatment

The remote treatment is simple

I have developed and refined my technique since establishing my practice in 1998. My method allows me to discern the causes of emotional injuries and to support you from afar. My goal is to achieve an increase in your emotional functioning so that you can regain your strength without relying on outside energy sources.

I am a recognized and experienced specialist when it comes to the remote treatment of emotional injuries. I analyze where intervention is needed so that I can support you in regaining the ability to solve your problems. This provides you with more time to enjoy life. My remote treatment begins where talk therapy has reached its limits.

During the course of your remote treatment, I will work on your emotional functionality every day. I will check the effects of the previous day’s work on the state of your emotional injury every day. This will provide me with a deeper insight into the nature of your emotional injury. This first step can be compared to the analysis a mechanic performs before they can begin with the repair.

The second step of this process consists of evaluating and assessing how to resolve the emotional injuries. I will focus on the cause of the injuries. You can also decide which symptoms you would like me to focus on. I will simulate the effects of the intervention before performing the work. This second step is comparable to the mechanic performing the actual repairs.

You do not have to expend any effort during this remote treatment process. The results of the remote treatment will unfold naturally because it activates our innate power of self-healing.

Aspects that have been negatively impacted by life events will be restored. I will not add energy from outside sources. Instead, I will promote the development of self-sufficiency with regard to your emotional functioning. Adding outside energy will prevent your own energy from gaining strength. This approach only gives the illusion of repair and will mask any persisting issues. This can cause more damage in the long run. I will only activate your own energy and will increase your independence.

«Very competent, honest, straightforward and down-to-earth. I can recommend his services to anyone who is trying to heal themselves and wants to increase their inner strength. I am very thankful to Rico Brunner. I was lucky to have discovered his work with energy field mechanics. I am always looking forward to our sessions and upcoming workshops so that I can learn even more. Simply AMAZING!»

Carmela Placa

Remote Treatments

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The benefits of remote treatment

Who can benefit from remote treatment?

You would benefit from a remote treatment if you feel that you are in need of support. It may be useful if you would like to increase your resilience, strengthen your ability to cope, regenerate or set boundaries, reduce your anxiety and feeling of being overwhelmed or address emotional injuries. A remote treatment is also a useful tool in preventative activation of your inner strength and if you would like to develop and nurture your personality.

My remote energy work cannot replace medical treatment. It can be used in addition to any treatments you already receive or may undergo in the future.

The etheric nature of remote treatment can be compared to the contagious effect of a fit of laughter. You may have experienced that someone was laughing so hard that it made everyone else in the room crack up as well. A remote treatment can be compared with to the positive effects you notice after spending time with people who make you feel good.

You do not have to do anything. The effects of the remote treatment will unfold naturally because the innate self-healing properties of your energy field are activated.

Every person has different needs. You can choose to receive remote treatments for one month or you can sign up for the monthly subscription plan. The subscription plan is ideal for people who struggle with deep-seated issues that have persisted for a long time.