My technique was developed during my search for sustainable solutions – just like my research

On my search for answers, I gained insights that surpassed anything that I had ever known, learned or understood. I began to realize that strength can only increase through development and growth. Conversations and discussions cannot stimulate this type of growth.

Although I had studied various approaches to solve problems, I didn’t get very far. I was trying to address issues within the behavioral and emotional realm, but well-being is only possible if a person has strong energy fields.

My research was embedded within my professional practice. This allowed me to continuously refine my technique. I gained valuable insights by applying my knowledge in a practical setting. Nowadays, my research focuses on a different challenge: I want to make my knowledge visible.

As a self-taught expert with over 20 years of practical experience, I plan on conducting a blind study in the near future. I will utilize internationally accepted standardized measures of an individual’s quality of life, mental health status, positive and negative affect and resilience in order to obtain quantifiable data regarding the efficacy of my remote energy work.