Research is a journey

«The research on energy field mechanics creates new possibilities.»

My technique was developed during my search for sustainable solutions – just like my research

On my search for answers, I gained insights that surpassed anything that I had ever known, learned or understood. I began to realize that strength can only increase through development and growth. Conversations and discussions cannot stimulate this type of growth.

Although I had studied various approaches to solve problems, I didn’t get very far. I was trying to address issues within the behavioral and emotional realm, but true well-being is only possible if a person has strong energy fields.

My research was embedded within my professional practice. This allowed me to continuously refine my technique. I gained valuable insights by applying my knowledge in a practical setting. Nowadays, my research focuses on a different challenge: I want to make my knowledge visible.

As a self-taught expert with over 20 years of practical experience, I plan on conducting a blind study in the near future. I will utilize internationally accepted standardized measures of an individual’s quality of life, mental health status, positive and negative affect and resilience in order to obtain quantifiable data regarding the efficacy of my remote energy work.

The search for answers

Research question & methods

I have asked myself this simple question since I was a child: why do some people feel good while others do not? I have been self-employed since 1998, and this allowed me to embark on my question for answers and begin my research. My photographic memory, acute perception and inquisitive nature allowed me to gain new insights.

Today, I am happy to have found the answers to this question and that I am able to successfully use this knowledge in my work.

A highly precise approach is necessary

Energy field mechanics

I define energy field mechanics as the individual processes and their interactions within the entire energy field.

The state of an individual’s energy field mechanics defines how they react to certain situations and life in general. It determines whether a person feels well, or not.

Based on my understanding of energy field mechanics, I have developed three key aspects that define my work. I solve the underlying causes, promote and strengthen natural processes and do not send or transfer energy to others.


«If you are emotionally functional, you have the strength to solve problems.»

– Rico Brunner –

An unexpected result

Everything changed when I understood the nature of obstructions

Obstructions in live can be compared with blood clotting. If your skin is injured, you bleed. The blood clots, and that is a vital trait.

This is why obstructions are not necessarily negative. Although they do not feel good, they protect us from further harm. Obstructions are essential. If you dissolve an obstruction without knowing the underlying cause, it is as if you were to prevent your blood from clotting.

This research finding was essential

People are not dumb. There is a reason behind the inability to change!

You have to work on the level on which the problem exists. If a lack of insight or understanding is the problem, a conversation can be beneficial.

However, if the energy field mechanics do not function properly, you could spend a thousand hours talking about the issue without seeing any change! So many problems cannot be solved because the work is being performed on the wrong level.

A groundbreaking research finding

The healing process takes time because it can be overwhelming

I was surprised when I realized that it is not always beneficial to help someone too quickly. The healing process can be overwhelming. The changes triggered by the healing process have to be integrated into a person’s life.

If someone did not have anything to drink for several days, they should not suddenly gulp down half a gallon of water. Instead, they should take small sips. The healing of emotional injuries requires a similar approach.

I adhere to the following principle: as little as possible, but as much as necessary. This has proven to be successful in practice.

«I was surprised to discover that conversations do not necessarily provide a solution for the healing of emotional injuries and that they do not always yield sustainable results.»

– Rico Brunner –

I want to visualize and share the results of my research in the coming years.