A sustainable solution for problems

«Symptoms merely express how we feel. They are not the cause of the problem.»

My goal is clear!

Symptoms can distract us from the underlying issue

If you fracture your leg, the broken bone is the underlying problem, not the pain. The fracture will not heal well if you only address the pain. If you heal the fracture, the pain will disappear as well.

The same principle applies to emotional injuries.

These symptoms will only disappear if the underlying causes are addressed!

Whenever I observe the energy fields, I perform an analysis to determine the underlying causes of the present symptoms.


«Do not feed your symptoms with attention or they will continue to grow. Look for the solutions instead.»

– Rico Brunner –

Injured and obstructed energy fields cause symptoms

People often talk about symptoms instead of potential solutions. This may allow them to feel seen and heard, but it may distract from the underlying causes. They might make lots of small changes without achieving significant improvement.

My practical experience has taught me that the underlying causes need to be addressed before the symptoms can disappear. If conversations are not successful, a different approach is needed. I have studied energy field mechanics because it offered an actionable approach to solving these underlying causes. If life’s challenges cause the energy field to be strained, injured, obstructed, traumatized or stressed, it needs to be repaired. It is that simple.

A remote treatment can help with the symptoms listed below. This is not a complete list of possible symptoms, but it provides a helpful overview.

Anxiety & insecurities
Relationship problems
Burnout & exhaustion
Lack of emotional support
Building inner strength
Low self-esteem
Lack of self-confidence

Emotional instability
Test anxiety
Inability to recover
Emotional injuries
Self-destructive behaviors
Overwhelmed children
Coping with high sensitivity
Struggling to cope

«The symptoms are loud and noticeable, but the underlying causes are silent.»

– Rico Brunner –

Address the underlying causes

The effects of these symptoms

Injuries to the energy fields and the resulting symptoms obstruct processes such as self-love, recovery, basic trust, resilience, self-confidence, self-healing, emotional strength, self-worth, the ability to set boundaries, and many more.

Break the cycle

The symptoms disappear once the underlying issues have been resolved!

I perform an analysis of the energy fields whenever I observe them from afar. This analysis shows me where the location of the underlying causes of the present symptoms. It provides a clear overview about the areas I need to work on in order to resolve these disruptions.

Since I have specialized on resolving the underlying issues, it does not matter which symptoms a client may exhibit. This is how you can break the cycle of recurring symptoms!