Inner strength

«Energy field treatment can go beyond the limitations of conversations or behavioral change!»

Extraordinary perception

I can support you from afar

The remote treatment is very based on a natural process. Many of us have sensed that a child, parent, sibling, friend or partner is not doing well although we were not physically close to them. Such processes usually occur subconsciously and are difficult to understand or explain.

I was born with a very fine sense of perception, and I have diligently developed and mastered my ability to see and understand energy fields as well as their underlying processes and potential obstructions.

I cannot say where a particular person is or what they look like because this information is not pertinent to my work.

From my practice

Blocked by disappointment for several years!

I will tell you about a man who has repeatedly been disappointed in his life. This resulted in injuries and blocks in his energy field. These functional disorders cause him to struggle with standing up for himself in his relationships and at work. They also contribute to his excessive desire to please others.

I work on these injured energy fields during the remote treatment so that energy can flow freely and natural self-healing abilities are activated.

Finding your own answers

Progress without long-winded conversations

The goal of the remote treatment is to strengthen and support a person on their individual journey.

My experience has taught me that people who suffer from weakened energy fields often doubt themselves as well as others and that they are on a constant search for answers. I take personal questions and problems very seriously, but I am convinced that even the best conversations cannot repair a damaged energy field.

My unique method enables me to repair damaged energy fields. This allows me to address the underlying causes of emotional injuries. My remote treatment increases a client’s inner strength through the repair of their energy field

Once the energy fields have been repaired, the urgency of these personal questions and doubts decreases because this newly found strength and clarity allows a person to find the answers within themselves.

Quality assurance

No repair without prior analysis

I will work on your energy field every day. The remote treatment is based on energy field mechanics and a complementary analysis.

Prior to working on strengthening the energy fields, I analyze the condition and processes of your energy field. I also check the effects of the previous day’s work on your energy field.

The second step consists of a simulation of the energy field repair planned for this day in order to gauge its outcomes. I only perform the planned energy field repair if the simulation shows that it will be beneficial and correct. If there are any concerns, I will make appropriate adjustments to that day’s treatment session.

Finally, I perform the energy field repair remotely while focusing on the resolution of the underlying causes.

Individual timeline

The treatment time varies

The remote treatment timeline is highly individual and depends on two factors. It depends on how long the injuries or weaknesses within the energy fields have persisted and on the severity of these issues.

The changes tend to be much deeper and more complex than one might expect. You often only notice the symptoms of the energy field dysfunction, but the underlying causes are often difficult to understand. However, a long-term resolution of these underlying causes is necessary for the symptoms to disappear.

Healing takes time, and there are no shortcuts. Only a precise and holistic approach can help you to regain your full strength.
You can find more information about the three phases of healing here.

Three ways the remote treatment may be experienced

Every person is aware of some parts of themselves while other processes occur subconsciously. Depending on the areas that are affected by emotional injuries, a person may be more or less aware of the effects of the remote treatment. The goal of the remote treatment is not to yield easily noticeable effects. Instead, it focuses on the underlying causes of a person’s struggles. Whether they become consciously aware of the effects of the remote treatment sooner or later is not an indication of its efficacy.


I do not feel any change

There are several reasons why you may not or only sporadically notice the positive changes caused by the remote treatment. The most common reason for this is because I work on a level that is beyond a person’s area of perception. This is the case when injuries are located in an area that a person cannot consciously perceive.


I can feel a change

If the causes of your injuries are within an area you can consciously perceive, you will feel that I am working, and you will be more likely to notice the effects of the remote treatment.


The change I feel is too strong

I try to work as gently as possible in order to prevent an initial flare-up of symptoms. Unfortunately, this cannot be avoided in some circumstances. It always depends on the type and localization of the injury in the energy field. In this case, you might benefit from scheduling an additional daily remote treatment session at no additional charge in our app.

«I developed the energy field treatment because I wanted tooffer a lasting and causative approach to solving people’s problems.»

I do my best

I cannot promise to heal you

I intentionally do not offer evidence about the efficacy of my method. Several clients have benefitted from my work, but there are some people who did not notice the effects of the treatment. That is alright, because it is impossible to help everyone, no matter how much you strive to do so. This is why I do not promise that my technique will lead to the desired outcome.

I try my best to perform precise work on the energy field in order to address the underlying causes of the person’s issues. My technique of energy field mechanics is based on my extensive research.
If the energy fields’ healthy function is restored, life will can be joyful once again.