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Remote treatment helps to activate your self-healing powers

I cannot explain the remote treatment.
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Spend more time on your priorities

Where are you standing in your life? Where do you want to be?

I support you in building your strength, so that you can use it for your life path.

Most emotional injuries are automatically repaired through the power of self-healing. My work involves focusing on injuries that your energy field cannot fix on its own and on issues that are blocking you and trigger various symptoms. Once these are resolved, you no longer spin in circles and gain valuable time in your life.

The good news is that it does not require personal appointments in my practice. I have been specialized on this remote treatment method since 1998.

Where is the problem?

Working on the causes of emotional injuries

When we are blocked, we experience symptoms such as anxiety, exhaustion, high sensitivity, insecurities and many more. But the causes can often be found elsewhere. Symptoms are just the pain that becomes visible. That is why most people are caught up by their symptoms over and over again.

My name is Rico Brunner. Since 1998 I have been specializing myself in working on emotional injuries.
Learning to deal with injuries is good; but it is not a solution in the long run.

What others say about remote treatment

Over 90 % of our problems are due to emotional injuries

Do you lack the strength and energy to meet the daily demands of family and work?

As an energy field mechanic, I recognize the root causes of such symptoms and accompany you from a distance. The goal is to repair your emotional injuries, so that you can find your own strength again without sending energy to you.

Anxiety. Insecurities. Burnout. High sensitivity. Stress. Sadness. Depression. Mental overload…

... are all symptomatic effects of emotional injuries.

Activate your self-healing powers

Trying hard is often not enough.

You think that if you just try hard enough, everything will be fine?

You keep on running, but don’t seem to move forward. You desperately try to work on changes but in fact nothing really budges.

Problems must be addressed at the level where they exist, so that they can be solved in a sustainable manner. Conversational and behavioral levels do not have access to the level that is blocked by emotional injuries.

The goal of my remote treatment is to start at the level of emotional injuries, so that the efforts you make in your life can bear fruit again.

Already tried a lot of things with little or no results?

Here is my alternative:
Simple support, no deadline pressure, no conversations. Remote treatment starts within 24 hours.

I work on your strength, you feel alive again.

You don’t have to do anything active yourself, as the remote treatment activates the natural self-healing power of your energy field.

Experience the remote treatment!

Why not just try it?
You can test my 30-day remote treatment as a gift.

Prepare to be surprised!

My gift to you: 30-day remote treatment for free

Remote treatment cannot be easily explained.

The best way is to experience the effect of a remote treatment yourself. This why I have decided to offer the gift for a 30-day remote treatment to anyone that is interested.

I work on the underlying causes that are responsible for your symptoms, so the effect of my work may not always be directly noticeable. Feeling remote treatment directly is not the most important thing. The focus is to do work on the actual causes, and not to simply work on the aesthetics, to make you feel good.

My goal is to fundamentally work on emotional injuries and to help you step into your own strength. Once the causes are solved, you begin to experience the changes.

Let me support you! Life is too short to be unhappy.

What John says about remote treatment

Remote treatment works as easy as that


Remote treatment gift for 30 days

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You will receive an e-mail from me confirming the start of your remote treatment.

I begin my work within 24 hours.

There is no personal counseling during the remote treatment.
The communication happens through the remote treatment, by reading all the necessary information from the energy field.


Repair of your energy field

Once your remote treatment starts, I work on your energy field every day.

You don’t have to do anything.

Your energy field provides me the direction, which I take into account in my daily work.

I adjust the remote treatment individually every day.

My work starts when your energy field can no longer repair itself

I give you a 30-day remote treatment as a gift

Distance energy work cannot be easily explained. The best way is to experience the effect of the remote treatment yourself. This is why I have decided to offer a gift of a 30-day remote treatment to anyone that is interested.

There is no personal counseling during the remote treatment. The communication happens through the remote treatment, by reading all the necessary information from the energy field.

My goal is to work on underlying emotional injuries causally and to help you get back into your own strength. Once the causes are solved, you begin to experience the changes. Let me support you! Life is too short to be unhappy!
To start with a gift remote treatment, I need the following information:
As it is a present, you are not bounded with any responsabilities to an order for a 30-day gift remote treatment.
GDPR: Your data will be deleted after ten years and will only be processed if you make use of a subsequent remote treatment. Information on the right to object and data processing can be found in my Privacy Policy.
Your remote treatment gift can only be ordered if you have never been supported by me.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions

The procedure of my remote treatment has been created to guarantee a good quality, and to control the effects of the remote treatment. This is very important.

My daily structured steps for a sustainable work:

  1. Analysis of the state of the injuries
  2. Theoretical simulation of the effect of the remote treatment
  3. Practical execution based on the findings of the theoretical simulation
  4. Control the effect of the remote treatment

Although I work according to these analytical procedures, the remote treatment remains individual.

From my point of view, you do not have to pay attention to something particular during a remote treatment. In your energy field I work in an area, that cannot be accessed by yourself consciously. This is because emotional injuries and overburdening are mostly hidden deeply and it is difficult to access these yourself.

This is also the reason why the energy field mechanics was developed In countless therapy sessions I became aware that most people do not find access to their own emotional injuries. Therefore, one focusses on the symptoms, and on the part that hurts and thus does not find the causes. And since the various causes, seen from the outside, often seem harmless, one is tempted to look for the big, bad experiences. However, this need not always be the case.

There are two options for the remote treatments available:

The remote treatment subscription, which costs EURO 62 per month, and has a minimum duration of 5 months. It suits you, if your issues have existed for a long time period, and the causes should be solved in the long-term.

A monthly remote treatment costs EURO 87. This form of treatment is ideal if you are basically feeling good, but looking for a little support for a month, strenuous exams are coming up or if you are facing a difficult challenge.

It is not a classic collaboration since the work is done be me. The goal is to support you in your life and so the collaboration is me working on your emotional injuries for you to develop your potential. It is your work to use the gained stability, strength and power to unfold your full potential.
The goal is a life without emotional injuries.

The good thing about the remote treatment is that you do not have to do anything yourself for it to work. I do the work and recognize the energy fields and their mechanics as well as the emotional injuries out of a distance. My goal is to release injuries and to strengthen the energy field.

No, there won’t be conversations taking place during the remote treatment. From my point of view, conversations are based in the rational area which is responsible if you want to change your behavior through your thoughts.

I have noticed that this is a very difficult path, and you have to deal with it yourself very intensively, which takes a lot of strength.

During the last 20 years I was able to observe, that people who deal with themselves in this way, depending on the constellation, become even more tired and thus weakened. If someone is weakened by her/his situation or condition, and then one continues to deal with this condition, it can trigger very strong overstrain, which in return can lead to fatigue.

Conversations during remote treatment would only serve the purpose of understanding and have no influence on the improvement of the condition.

Remote treatment was developed because I experienced over time that talking about emotional injuries does not change anything. One learns to bear the situation better. My goal is to release the emotional injuries.

That is an exciting question. The goal of the remote treatment is to work on emotional injuries so that the energy field becomes stronger and you can come back into your own power.

It is not the goal  to work in a way for you to feel something. Of course, one could offer remote treatment in such a way that you feel as much as possible – focusing on eliminating symptoms.

From my point of view, the use of the remote treatment is to do the right thing at the right place.  Only when this work is done and the causes are solved, one feels a change. In addition, not everyone perceives the same or feels the same.

Then, you simply log in online via the customer portal:

Your account details are already stored. Register with the same email address you used to order the free remote treatment. Set your password, and with one click you select the desired remote treatment.

You can also just write us an e-mail anytime: [email protected]

Absolutely! If you are basically well, but need a little tailwind in the short-term, I recommend a monthly treatment.

The remote treatment subscription suits you, if you have had issues for a longer period, if you have to deal with situations over and over again, if you want make steady progress, or if you want to develop your own potential. It focusses on long-term changes that are also sustainable. It is very important for me to work on the root causes and not on the symptoms. Therefore, from my point of view, in most cases the subscription would be the appropriate choice.