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Healthy energy fields vs. energy fields with functional disorders

The energy field can be compared to a clockwork: when all wheels are aligned, you feel strong and can take charge of your life.

The clockwork’s entire mechanism is disrupted if just one wheel is defective. The more parts are damaged, the more severe this obstruction and disruption. Your entire system is overwhelmed.

This causes symptoms such as depression, anxiety, insecurity, exhaustion, burnout, a sense of emptiness, lethargy, hopelessness as well as a lack of emotional resilience, self-love, inner stability, and more.

Disrupted and
injured energy field
An alternative therapeutic approach

Why should you choose energy field treatment?

Emotional injuries can make us feel as if we are unable to take action in challenging situations, and we may feel as if we are running in circles.

Damaged energy fields can result in functional disorders that prevent us from solving problems on our own. This can lead to symptoms such as depression, burnout, anxiety, panic attacks, high sensitivity etc.

I have developed my technique of energy field treatment in order to help people who did not get any or insufficient relief from talking about their difficulties. I support them when they no longer have the strength to support themselves.


«Inner strength is like a muscle that needs to be trained. Energy field treatment can help with this.»

– Rico Brunner –


«Very competent, honest, straightforward and down-to-earth. I can recommend his services to anyone who is trying to heal themselves and wants to increase their inner strength. I am very thankful to Rico Brunner. I was lucky to have discovered his work with energy field mechanics. Simply AMAZING!» Carmela Placa

No transfer of energy

What is energy field treatment?

Energy field treatment focuses on repairing the underlying causes of emotional injuries. My treatment approach focuses on an area that an individual may find themselves unable to access or influence. The most well-known emotional injury is a broken heart.

It is as painful as a broken bone, but it is an invisible injury. A broken heart is probably the most notorious emotional injury. It is as painful as a broken bone, but it is not visible on the outside.

I am able to perceive energy fields from afar. My remote treatment allows me to activate and repair your energy field. This promotes your independence.

The energy field treatment does not require a transfer of energy. This is crucial for achieving long-term and sustainable healing. Your own strength cannot grow if energy is added from an external source. This would only simulate the repair of the energy field while masking persisting defects that will only worsen over time.

What clients say about the remote treatment