Can remote treatment improve our lives?

After 25 years, I can clearly say: YES!

When your energy fields are balanced… have more clarity.
You feel a deep sense of inner joy and strength, and you ride the wave of stability and strength.

Benefits of the remote treatment

No energy transfer
I do not transfer energy during the remote treatment. I focus on repairing dysfunctional energy fields.
Give it a try
I offer a one-time 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can try my remote treatment.
Affordable price
Subscription price:

- $69 per Month

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Remote treatment
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After 25 years, I know exactly where my work is needed.

Rico Brunner

Expert in the repair of human energy fields
I will not promise healing
I have made the conscious choice to not offer evidence for the efficacy of my work. Many people have benefited from it although they may not have noticed its effects, and that is okay. I cannot guarantee that it will work for everyone. Therefore, I do not make any promises about the results of my work.
I do my best to effectively work on the energy field by relying on my research and energy field mechanics to address the underlying causes of problems.
When energy fields are functioning, life is easier and more enjoyable.
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Requesting support to increase your inner strength is simple. You do not have to explain how you feel.


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My remote treatment is customized for your individual needs because I can recognize your unique energy field signature.


You do not have to do a thing

No conversations, no limitations, no tasks. Just observe how you feel.

You don`t have to live with emotional injuries and blockages. Remote treatment can help.
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